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Board of Directors

Anne Prinzhorn is Chairman of the Board, and the President of EduTek Global.  Anne has a BA in Political Science and Philosophy from the University of Colorado, Boulder.  In addition to 20+ years of on-the-ground experience as founder of EduTek Global, she has served on the boards of international nonprofits.  She is the visionary for the organization and manages all the programs.  She works 40+ hours per week.  Originally she spent 6 months per year in Africa.  Of recent with plans to spread EduTek Global educational devices into other parts of the world, 2 trips per year to Africa total several weeks rather than months.

Susan A. Hill is the Vice President of EduTek Global.  She has dedicated her life to being a passionate educator for 39 years, and continues to be involved in education since her retirement in 2013. She received a Bachelors in Education from Washington State University, and a Masters in Education from Western Oregon University. Hill has worked with students ranging from preschool to college age. Additionally, she served as a teacher trainer for special educators teaching in rural Oregon communities. Hill’s most rewarding work was helping secondary students with significant disabilities develop skills to needed to live a successful life with strong social, career and community skills. During her career she served on educational committees at the local, state and national levels.

Veronica Ross is the Secretary/Treasurer of EduTek Global.  She has been a business/financial manager of a nonprofit organization for 30 years.  She has also served a Chairman for other nonprofit boards and as President for her HOA.  She has worked on-the-ground in Kenya providing medical care to remote Masai villages, as well as installing solar panels for schools.  She brings business and fiscal management, as well a technology support to the Board of EduTek Global.  She works 5 hours per week on Board tasks.

EduTek Global has no paid staff.

Records Retention Policy

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Conflict of Interest Policy

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Whistle Blower Policy

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Audited Financial Statements

Our application to became a 501c3 was approved in November 2019. We will have audited statements available as early as possible.

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