Meet Anne

I am Anne, Granny in the Bush and founder of EduTek Global.

Fifteen years ago, I worked with Carola Tengler to build a vocational training school for girls in Uganda. The founder of Vision for Africa helped us build a girls school. Her story is extraordinary. The school is safe and secure, managed by an extremely capable Bulgarian by the name of Tedi.

I am in Uganda almost 6 months per year. I live at VFA and donate devices wherever they can be best used in schools. I am 75 and a 3 time cancer survivor. God willing, I will get more donated equipment and deliver it to the students who  ask: “Granny do you have a Kindle or a reader or a tablet for our class?  I would so love to read books. Please, please.”

I believe God is honored by even the smallest gestures that we can make.  Please donate your used equipment. It IS sitting unused in a drawer in your home.

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