Technology: Changing Education for the Better

Education is making a huge difference here in Africa. Our primary school curriculum includes math, English, Social Studies and music. Boys learn carpentry, plumbing and electrical skills. Girls learn tailoring, computer, cooking and hospitality in the hotel. When students leave our school they can support themselves, get jobs and pay school fees for other family members.

We have been carrying laptops, Kindles and other donations from you to Africa for 12 years and we see how valuable your help has been. Students who received your gifts have a step up, sometimes times several steps up from their neighbors just because they have information.

Kids consume and share “how to” books on Kindles. Parents start businesses on laptops. Girls learn to use Word to write and print documents so they can get jobs as secretaries. Some students connect with people in other countries. Artists and potters view art of the past and present. Science students see pictures of cells and the digestive system in real time. Teachers can study school plans from other cultures. Aspiring doctors can study physics, view body parts and watch surgery. Students who love math study complicated equations. Education and information change lives.

Isaac a got good quality laptop about three years ago. He and a friend have developed a small media design company doing work for the packaging industry. Others students are learning web design. Mary has a job doing book layouts for a company in India. Rubina works for a newspaper. Isa does bookkeeping for three companies. As education pays off, we begin to see success stories.