School Programs: Your device in action!

The Primary School

Students at the primary school use tablets to learn math and practice reading.

Your used devices can be loaded with books and educational apps. You can change lives for people who have never had the opportunity to read. You can touch lives of those who have never had access to information. The biggest difference today between you and the poor in the world is access to information!

Blind students gain dignity when someone cares enough to send them an audio device.

Books give medical information and ways to help heal common diseases, like how to cure chiggers.

Your used devices change a life. People without access to information of any kind can enjoy your used device. We can load 400+ books for education and enjoyment and we can load apps that teach math, geography, family planning, history, and hygiene.

Every individual, every group or every institution that gets a tablet, iPad, laptop or smart phone must give in return. They can plant beans for a lone grandmother taking care of grandchildren, they can carry water, they can provide transport or medical care, read to the blind and so on. They must give to get.

Access to information is as valuable as food or money at this stage of African development. This is what I hear: “Granny do you have a Kindle or an e-Reader, an iPad or tablet with books and apps for our class? We would so love to read books. Please, please.”

You can help!

You have devices sitting unused. Please donate them. You can easily erase any device you donate. We install books, lessons on geography, history, hygiene, practical skills.

Poor children are desperate for the same information you have!

I believe God is honored by even the smallest gestures that we can make. Please donate your used equipment. It IS sitting unused in a drawer at your home.

Please call Anne at 303-547-4305 if you need help wiping a device. Granny has gotten to be an expert in wiping and loading used devices. Thank you!

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